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Countertops are a big investment. They range widely in quality and price. The nicest countertops can be one of the most expensive parts of a new home or kitchen remodel. Getting them installed represents a significant cost, but so does keeping them in good shape. How much maintenance countertops need depends on the material and how they’re used. Different countertops are more porous than others, and some require more frequent sealants to keep them nice. One of the biggest issue countertops face is water damage.

Granite, soapstone, quartz, marble and other countertops are usually located in bathrooms and kitchens. These places use large amounts of water, and it’s common for puddles of water to lay sitting on a countertop for hours and even days. Serious water damage to countertops can affect the way they look and work. It’s a big frustration for homeowners who spent so much getting their dream kitchen or bathroom built. There are, however, ways to avoid water damage. Here are some tips on how to keep your countertops looking terrific by avoiding water damage.

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