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When it comes to designing a new kitchen or renovating an old one, there are so many things you need to consider. Once you have the design and layout in place, you will need to consider the floor and walls, the benchtop and splashback, kitchen doors, the tapware and power points, not to mention the material and colour palettes. Very importantly, you will also need to plan storage – the cabinets and cupboards on the wall as well as underbench that will keep all of your kitchen appliances, tools, pots and pans, dishware, utensils and containers well organised and out of sight for a clutter-free kitchen.

Given that storage cupboards have high visibility in the kitchen, the cupboard door profile deserves as much thought and consideration as the storage space within during the design process. The overall kitchen design in terms of style such as contemporary, classic, heritage, country, rustic, traditional, transitional or minimalist, choice of materials, colours, textures and finishes, and even the size of the kitchen, will serve as guidance when it comes to selecting the cupboard doors. A tired kitchen can be updated for a fresh look and feel by simply changing the cabinet doors! A refreshed kitchen adds value to the home too.

In terms of styling, kitchen cupboard doors have definitely evolved with modern tools, techniques and materials allowing greater design flexibility. However, traditional designs continue to be popular amongst homeowners.

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