The L-shaped layout is the most popular kitchen configuration, according to the NKBA 2019 kitchen design trends. But what is an L-shaped kitchen layout? We asked a few top experts to explain this layout and provide advice for using it. After all, just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s the right configuration for you.

“The L-shaped design consists of two adjoining, perpendicular walls of cabinets that form a formidable ‘L’ shape,” explains David Shove-Brown, Partner at Washington, D.C.-based boutique design firm //3877. He says its popularity is due to the layout’s adaptability.

“Typically, one side is dedicated to smaller kitchen tasks and acts as home base for the sinkand countertop appliances,” Shove-Brown says. “The other ‘wing’ is oriented for larger, more time-intensive activities, holding the range and refrigerator and offering additional storage.”

An L-shaped kitchen layout can also take another form. “There can be one wall with a cooktop and another with the sink,” explains Joan Kaufman, Interior Designer and President of Interior Planning & Design in Naperville, IL. But in this design, the refrigerator may not be in the L. “Often an island is in the center of this style kitchen.” An example of an L-shaped kitchen designed by Kaufman is above.

While the kitchen work triangle is efficient, she says that planning for the island is essential to ensuring that the space is efficient. “Determining if an ‘L’ is right for a homeowner will be largely influenced by the floor plan and space availability.”

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