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Granite is one of the hardest natural stones, after diamonds, the strongest natural substance.  It is an elegant and timeless choice for your kitchen countertops.  Granite does not only add style to your home, it is also durable, easy to maintain and, with the right maintenance, can last lifetimes.

Furthermore, granite will also boost the value of your property, meaning that installing granite in your home is also an investment in your property.

Granite is also not susceptible to scratches, which means it handles normal daily wear and tear very well. It is also extremely heat resistant. However, we do not recommend to place a hot pot directly on any stone countertop as the temperature difference in rare instances has caused cracking. For safety sake, we recommend using a granite cutting board next to the stove.

Granite is also very resistant to stains and it does not absorb liquids when properly sealed, which we ensure we do for all our clients.

Trust us at Granite Objects to properly install your granite kitchen countertops.

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